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2007 Toyota Prius: Mid-Sized Room and Performance, Best-in-Class ...

TORONTO, Sept. 18 /CNW/ - As fuel prices increase, so does
demand for the Toyota Prius - the world's best-selling hybrid.
Prius offers
all the advantages of a mid-sized sedan along with best-in-class
fuel economy
and industry-leading emissions performance.
The 2007 Prius is a great choice for environmentally aware
because it combines a roomy, well-equipped interior with
budget-conscious fuel
consumption and reduced impact on the environment:

"With Prius, and our growing selection of hybrid-powered
vehicles, Toyota
has proved that environmental responsibility can be compatible with
ownership," said Tony Wearing, Managing Director at Toyota Canada
Inc. "Prius
isn't just about fuel savings; it's fun to drive and is easy to
live with as
any conventionally-powered vehicle, so there's no need to
The 2007 5-door Prius liftback has an MSRP of $31,280. Equipped
with the
'B' package of options, including premium JBL audio, Vehicle
Stability Control
(VSC) and Smart Key system, MSRP is $35,360. With the 'C' option
which includes the DVD navigation system with back-up camera, MSRP
is $38,710.



Hybrid Synergy Drive
Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) is defined as a 'full
hybrid system'.
Unlike competitive systems currently on the market, the full hybrid
system is
capable of operating in gas or electric modes, or with gasoline and
power together.
HSD combines a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder Atkinson Cycle gasoline
engine with
an electric motor. The gasoline engine produces 76 horsepower (57
kW) and
82 lb./ft. of torque, and, as on all other Toyota passenger car
Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) optimizes power delivery
across the
engine speed range.
The permanent-magnet electric motor produces its maximum power
of 50 kW
(67 horsepower) from 1,200 to 1,540 rpm, and peak torque of 295
lb./ft. from
0 to 1,200 rpm.
The electronic continuously variable transmission does not have
gear ratios, but instead provides infinitely variable ratios within
a range,
which enables it to determine the correct gear for every driving
A regenerative braking system further boosts system efficiency.
When the
brakes are applied, the electric motor functions as a generator,
kinetic energy that would normally be lost as heat through the
transforming it into useable electricity to recharge the batteries.

Mainstream Performance with Exceptional Mileage
Toyota's gas/electric hybrid powertrain technology produces
enough power
from both the gasoline engine and the electric motor, to enable the
Prius to
go from 0 - 100 km/h in about 10 seconds, acceleration comparable
to a
4-cylinder mid-sized car.
At the same time, Prius has a combined city/highway fuel
rating of 4.1 L/100 km, using about 4.0 L/100 km in city driving
and 4.2 L/100
km on the highway. These figures reflect the unique HSD powertrain
that is
optimized for maximum efficiency in slow stop-and-go driving that
most urban
commuters experience. Prius, which never needs to be plugged in for
recharging, not only provides the best fuel efficiency rating of
any mid-sized
vehicle sold in North America, it delivers an even higher combined
consumption rating than any compact sedan sold in Canada.

The Most Stringent Emissions Certification
HSD produces nearly 90 per cent fewer smog-forming emissions
than a
conventional internal combustion engine vehicle. Prius has been
certified to
Environment Canada's Tier 2 Bin 3 tailpipe emissions standard.
In addition, Prius is certified in California as an Advanced
Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV). PZEV certification
requires the
Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) exhaust criterion,
together with the
ability to meet a zero-fuel-evaporative standard, a 240,000 km
(150,000 mile)
durability demonstration, an extended emissions system warranty,
technology deemed by the California Air Resources Board to advance
future fuel
cell vehicles.

Driving Prius
One of the most remarkable features of the Toyota Prius is what
driver does not feel. The computer-controlled powertrain seamlessly
power from the gasoline engine, the electric motor and the
Prius uses Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS-i)
technology, which
provides greater precision than a conventional cable-type throttle
setup. A
'by-wire' shift control replaces the traditional gearshift lever
and allows
tap-of-the-finger shifting using a small dashboard-mounted
The driver can monitor gasoline/electric power distribution
through the
Hybrid Synergy Drive system on the standard 7-inch
touch-panel display monitor, which also displays other useful
including climate control, audio system controls and available
navigation and
Bluetooth functions.

With its striking monoform 5-door liftback design, the boldly
Prius is one of the most aerodynamic production vehicles in the
world, with a
low 0.26 coefficient of drag (Cd) that helps to minimize interior
noise and
enhance fuel economy. Inside, Prius has 2.72 m3 (96.2 cubic feet)
of passenger
room and a generous 980 mm of legroom in the rear.
Combined with the standard 60/40 split fold-down rear
seatbacks, the
liftback design provides 0.456 m3 (16.1 cubic feet) of rear cargo

Designed to easily accommodate a family, the 5-passenger Prius
can also
provide the level of safety a family car buyer demands. Passive
features include front seatbelts with pre-tensioners and force
3-point seatbelts for all rear seating positions and 2-step dual
front airbags
(SRS), with optional driver and passenger side and curtain airbags.
advanced airbag system uses variable force front airbags for both
driver and
front passenger. Sensors determine the severity of an impact and in
turn the
force with which to deploy the front airbags, helping to provide an
appropriate level of occupant restraint.
The standard Anti-lock braking system (ABS) integrates the
Brake Assist
feature, which helps apply maximum braking pressure in an emergency
Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is available as an option.
In addition, Uphill Assist Control helps the driver maintain
control when starting on an uphill grade. Using a combination of
motor resistance and brake application, Uphill Assist Control
engages if it
senses the vehicle rolling backward when starting on an uphill
grade. It first
increases the engine torque to resist any rearward motion. If more
is required, the brakes are applied to the rear wheels, and the
brake light
goes on. The system is designed to resist rollback long enough to
enable the
driver to move between the brake pedal and throttle. Uphill Assist
automatically disengages as soon as the vehicle is moving forward.

Prius offers the amenities expected in the mid-size class, plus
available options more commonly found in luxury models. The
standard automatic
air conditioning system uses an electric-powered air compressor to
fuel efficiency and ensure passenger comfort even when the car is
running only
on the electric motor.
Standard equipment also includes steering wheel controls for
the air
conditioning and audio systems, cabin air filtration, cruise
control, heated
side mirrors, power windows and door locks, an Engine Immobilizer
and keyless
A B package of options allows owners to equip Prius with
Stability Control, front-seat-mounted and side airbags,
curtain airbags, anti-theft system, 'smart key' system, fog lamps,
electrochromic rearview mirror, garage door opener, and a premium
JBL audio system and advanced connectivity options from
Bluetooth(R) - a world
leader in wireless communications technology. The system can
connect Prius
with a variety of compatible cell phones, enabling such features as
operation and one-touch dialing, a significant safety feature. The
audio system can play music in MP3 and WMA formats, and includes a
for personal audio devices. An Automatic Sound Levelizer (ASL)
estimates noise
levels based on vehicle speed, and automatically adjusts the volume
frequency, while a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is added to the
radio to
further reduce noise in both AM and FM modes.
The Smart Entry and Smart Start option allows hands-free
keyless vehicle
entry and startup. As the driver reaches for the door handle, an
sensor recognizes the signal from a key in the pocket or purse and
automatically unlocks the doors. Having been security cleared, the
merely pushes a "start" button located on the dash, taps the gear
selector to
"D" and drives away.
A C option package adds a voice-activated DVD-based navigation
with a rear back-up camera.

Toyota's 3-year/60,000 km basic new-vehicle warranty applies to
components other than normal wear and maintenance items. Additional
warranties cover the powertrain for 100,000 km and corrosion with
kilometres. The hybrid-related components, including the HV
battery, battery
control module, hybrid control module and inverter with converter,
are covered
for 8 years/160,000 km.
Toyota also provides 24-hour Roadside Assistance for all
models. Help is
just a phone call away at 1-888-TOYOTA-8. Roadside emergency
services include
battery boost, lockout service, fuel delivery, tire change,
winching and even
towing. Optional Extended Care Protection (ECP) is also available,
includes travel planning and trip interruption assistance, vehicle
help, lubrication maintenance and mechanical protection of 17 major
component groups for up to 6 years/200,000 km.
The purchase of a new Toyota also includes free membership in
Toyota, an on-line service designed for customer convenience,
placing vehicle
ownership information at customers' fingertips.

For further information: please email or contact: Jodie
Benedek, Consultant, Public Relations, Toyota Canada Inc., (416)
extension 2725, Email:

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2007 Toyota Prius: Mid-Sized Room and Performance, Best-in-Class ...
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