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Bywaters puts Toyota Prius in the mix

MUSCAT ??” One of London??™s biggest recycling companies is the latest addition to what is becoming a mass movement in the capital to adopt Toyota??™s hybrid technology.

Three Toyota Prius T4s are joining the Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd fleet to coincide with the company??™s move into new eco-friendly headquarters at Bow, East London. The petrol-electric hybrid cars will be driven by a newly-formed field sales team, as Bywaters launches a campaign to boost its customer base.

With a turnover of more than ??20 million, Bywaters now has some 240 employees working from four existing sites in Leyton and Stratford. Its new 17,370sqmts building will be used to maximise recycling for London??™s commercial, industrial and municipal customers.

Bywaters??™ fleet consists of around 100 commercial vehicles plus 40 user-chooser cars, including a number of Toyota Previa and Avensis models as well as Toyota vans and Lexus cars.

???Toyotas have always been very reliable, so that was a factor when it came to deciding on Prius,??? said Bywaters??™ fleet manager John Glover Jr ???We want to get as many Toyota Prius as possible, depending on how successful the vehicles are. Based on our previous Toyota experience, I don??™t have any doubts!???

Bywaters, which has a high visibility as the leading supplier of recycling and waste-management services in London, is keen to operate and promote a ???green??™ image for the capital. Recycling is just one area in which Bywaters hopes to improve the environment. ???The installation of a wind turbine to generate electricity is under consideration for the new premises at Bow,??? said Glover. ???Another part of that environmental drive is to use cars that are fuel-efficient and with low emissions. The Toyota Prius projects the right image for a company like Bywaters.???

The company??™s sales force will be operating in London, Kent and Essex. This will include visiting clients in central London, where the drivers will avoid the congestion charge by using Toyota Prius cars.

???Initially we had a Prius demonstrator, and all the drivers liked it,??? said John Glover. ???They??™re also happy because the company car-tax implication is low, in line with the emissions.???

The vehicles are supplied on contract hire through Appleyard Vehicle Contracts by Toyota Business Centre Hills of Woodford. ???Toyota set up a business fleet agreement for us and we hope to be able to develop business further in the future,??? said Glover. The new cars are programmed for replacement after three years or 60,000 miles.

Alan Maude, Appleyard Vehicle Contracts managing director, said: ???This is a significant breakthrough, and we hope to see more of our clients choosing hybrid vehicles like the Prius, particularly those with strong ???green??™ policies.

???Appleyard was instrumental in Bywaters??™ decision, having first suggested hybrid power, then being in a position to supply the appropriate cars and secure support from Toyota.

???And it??™s that sort of influence we can use to help other organisations, especially those in the public sector, meet their environmental obligations by taking on cars like these.???

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Bywaters puts Toyota Prius in the mix
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