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Gas mileage higher than many cars of similar size. Automatic engine shutoff at stop makes for a vibrationless stop lights. The high mileage would be a good selling point of the used car to those in need of a run about car. The preponderance of use match with city municipalities seems to make sense....

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Toyota Prius Ranks Highest Among Drivers

DETROIT - How much do you like the car you drive? Would you buy the same car again?

When the Consumer Reports National Research Center asked that question, for the third straight year, owners of the Toyota Prius were the most satisfied, with 92 percent saying they'd buy the fuel-efficient hybrid sedan again.

"This is a case where hybrids really work," said Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center Senior Director David Champion.

The agile and fast Chevrolet Corvette ranked second in the satisfaction survey that Champion presented Thursday to the Automotive Press Association at the Detroit Athletic Club.

The results of the survey, as well as those of the magazine's annual auto-reliability study, are available in the new car and truck preview issue that is on newsstands now.

Of the 45 vehicles that ranked the most satisfying - 80 percent or more survey respondents said they'd definitely buy it again - seven were made by Detroit automakers. That list includes the Ford Mustang, Pontiac Solstice, Dodge Charger, Buick Lucerne, Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda dominated the list.

On the magazine's least satisfying list - fewer than half of buyers said they'd definitely buy it again - 26 of 31 were domestic models.

In general, the cars that ranked most satisfying boasted either extraordinary fuel-economy or exceptional style and sportiness.

Those at the other end of the spectrum were primarily pickups, SUVs and minivans, which also have seen a dip in sales this year.

Consumer Reports compiled survey results from 950,000 subscribers who responded to questions about 1.3 million vehicles.

Toyota Prius Ranks Highest Among Drivers
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007