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Gas mileage higher than many cars of similar size. Automatic engine shutoff at stop makes for a vibrationless stop lights. The high mileage would be a good selling point of the used car to those in need of a run about car. The preponderance of use match with city municipalities seems to make sense....

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Toyota's hybrid Prius is much easier to come by these days

Oh, what a feeling.

The popular Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid is much easier to come by at auto dealerships these days, due to an increase in production, industry officials say.

At some U.S. dealerships, you can buy one off the lot, rather than having to put your name on a waiting list.

At the Labadie auto dealership in Bay City, there's still a waiting list, but it's much shorter than in years past, said Vice President Marc Labadie.

''We don't have the backlog that we once did,'' Labadie said.

On Monday, two Priuses were delivered, and both were pre-sold.

''It used to be, we had 20 cars on the list and it would take you two, three months to get a chance at one,'' he said.

''Now, we have a list of probably 10 people, but we're selling five, six, seven (Priuses) a month.''

USA Today recently reported that Toyota is able to meet demand for the Prius for the first time since the car hit the market in October 2003. The car has a 60 miles-per-gallon rating for city driving.

Priuses sit on dealer lots for an average of 17 days, compared to the national average of 64 days for a new car, the newspaper said.

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Toyota's hybrid Prius is much easier to come by these days
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