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2002 toyota prius 2002 toyota prius
2002 toyota prius 2002 toyota prius
2002 toyota prius  
    2002 Toyota Prius Review, Brent Birdwell, From Houston,

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Lousy dealer support. Poor paint quality. Should've bought something else.
If you get in a wreck the 300 Volt cables might touch you - or at least they will scare away the paramedics from helping you.
 General comments?This car spends it's time in the shop. Although it is a neat idea, the service and support are terrible. The NAV option costs $2000 and it wouldn't work for two months and 4 overnights at the dealer - with backordered parts from Japan. - Don McGill in Houston - who either didn't have or order the correct part or didn't know how to fix it.
Now, that we have the car to drive every day, we notice the two left side doors paint does not match the rest of the car. Don McGill denies it was wrecked before I bought it new. Anybody know why the paint on the doors is darker than the rest of the car?
It was fun to drive for awhile, now this lemon needs to go....spend your money on a good quality vehicle with a respectible dealer!!!
 Previous carVolkswagen TDI - quality and much more reliable.

Review 2002 Toyota Prius Brent Birdwell, From Houston,
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