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 2003 Toyota Prius Review,

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?-Tires wear very quickly and are very expensive
-Very noisy car
-Does not feel safe on slick roads or in high winds
-With the amount of money I spent on this car, it should not have failed inspection being only one year old
 General comments?I was at first very pleased with the car. Now that things are starting to not work, I'm left with the realization that no one knows how to fix the car except the dealer. I've had the car one year and one day, and I've just failed state inspection due to extremely worn tires. I had the tires replaced and was told to get the alignment checked. But then was told that I had to buy special tires (after I already discussed the issue with the dealer and bought a new tire!) And nothing is covered because I've had the car for more than one year. Honestly, I no longer trust Toyota and will never buy another car from them again!

Review 2003 Toyota Prius
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