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 2003 Toyota Prius Review, Tracey Thurber, From Crestview

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Toyota Prius

 ModelToyota Prius
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The rear seat could be a little wider with more foot space for passengers in the back. It would also be more fun if the computer could do more. To add the GPS function after purchase was estimated at $9,400.00 at the dealership.
 General comments?We recently purchased the 2003 Prius, and we are in love with it! The exterior is sporty, and the interior is both roomy and comfortable. It almost has the look of a mini, with its shortened hood and truck. I especially like the funky gearshift on the dash - it was a convenient spot for an inconvenient instrument. We have been most impressed with the phenomenal gas mileage and the eerie silence of the vehicle when it switches to the electric engine - my son calls it "The Stealth Bomber." It also has an on-board computer which monitors the mileage as you travel as well as a large instrument panel. It accelerates well and maneuvers easily on the freeway -I've gone up to 80 mph with no problems.
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Review 2003 Toyota Prius Tracey Thurber, From Crestview
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