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2004 toyota prius  
    2004 Toyota Prius Review, Jerry P

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Prius 'AM' Pkg.

 ModelPrius 'AM' Pkg.
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Sensitive to strong crosswinds. Steering just a bit 'light'.
 General comments?Most amazing car I have ever owned! Vast improvement over previous generation Prius in all ways. The room and great styling finally take gas-electric hybrids into the mainstream market most of us want. The technical features are very nice, but not overwhelming. The car is a joy to drive and it saves you money on gas - big time- and doesn't pollute the environment. The versatility of the hatchback design is great for carrying all kinds of cargo and the leg room in all seating positions is very good. This is the way cars of the future will be designed and powered. Toyota thought this one out very well.
 Previous carToyota Echo, Corolla, Dodge Neon (total crap!)

Review 2004 Toyota Prius Jerry P
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