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Room for all, low emissions and high MPG. The only difference from a traditonal engine is how quiet it runs. Plus, we feel sooo smart and satisfied at bypassing the SUV craze--our other car is a mini-van for the long summer hauls with backpacks and kayaks....

     2000 Toyota Prius

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2000 toyota prius 2000 toyota prius 2000 toyota prius

Modifications produced from may 2000 Toyota Prius

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# ModificationBody type DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFramePrice, kYen
1 S Sedan FF CVT G 1.51NNZ-FXEZA-NHW11-AEEEB 2180
2 G Sedan FF CVT G 1.51NNZ-FXEZA-NHW11-AEEGB 2280

S - G
2000 Toyota Prius
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007