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Great fuel mileage, though not as good as advertised in city driving. Quiet, fun to drive. Fold down rear seats a real plus. The keyless...

     2001 Toyota Prius

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2001 toyota prius 2001 toyota prius 2001 toyota prius

Modifications produced from august 2001 Toyota Prius

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# ModificationBody type DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFramePrice, kYen
1 S Sedan FF CVT G 1.51NNZ-FXEZA-NHW11-AEEEB 2180
2 G Sedan FF CVT G 1.51NNZ-FXEZA-NHW11-AEEGB 2280

S - G
2001 Toyota Prius
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007